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Celebrating 50 Years! - 2023

Our History

In the late 1960s, a farmer named Isaac Driedger who lived about a mile west of MacGregor (SW 31-11-10W) bought a boxcar of lumber for a farm project he had in mind. He planned to sell the surplus to neighbours, but before the wood arrived he had already sold the entire shipment. He ordered more wood, and a lumber yard was born.

In 1972, Isaac’s nephews Henry and Jake bought the business and moved it to its current location in the southwest corner of Austin. In the early years, the brothers constructed homes and sold SnoJet snowmobiles in addition to the more conventional retail lumber yard business. Jake left the partnership about a year later, at which time Henry and his wife Mary moved in to one half of the store.

Under Henry and Mary’s guidance, Norfolk Lumber’s site grew from one small office building to a showroom with attached shop and several enclosed sheds. In 2013, Brad and Bryan bought the business from their parents with the hope of continuing the service and community involvement that their parents had modeled for the previous 4 decades.

Norfolk Lumber - Growing up at the store
Norfolk Lumber - Growing up at the store
Norfolk Lumber - Where it started
Norfolk Lumber - Then
Norfolk Lumber - Now
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